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Cradle Patterns for a New Baby

January 4th, 2010

So you just found out you need to build a new cradle for your child or grandchild and you need a good set of cradle patterns. As you probably already know, building a cradle or crib for a newborn baby is going to be one of the most important projects you ever do. Think about the joy on the new mother’s face when she sees the handcrafted cradle you built for her baby.

Because of the fact that this new cradle will be the home to a newborn baby for a few years, safety is of the greatest importance here. That’s why I recommend you look into cradle patterns that were drafted by a professional woodworker. (I get all my plans from a site that has over 14,000 professional woodworking plans to choose from. Click here if you want to check it out.) I know you don’t want to trust the safety of your child to some rickety plans that you found online that could possibly be made by someone who isn’t an expert in the field. There are some great cradle patterns that can be found on the internet and there’s some you should stay away from.

Which site I recommend for your cradle patterns

Like with all of my woodworking projects in the past, there is one site that I always use to find my patterns and projects. It’s called Woodworking 4 Home. All of the patterns are written up by a professional woodworker and they have a tremendous amount of detail. You won’t be left guessing which materials, finishers, tools, or adhesives work best for your project. Everything is written out clearly to save you any frustration. Another thing I like is that once you join the site, you get instant access to over 14,000 different woodworking plans and projects. You can download and print them out right from your computer.

Click Here to Visit Woodworking 4 Home

Why Woodworking 4 Home is a good choice for your cradle patterns

  • 14,000 woodworking patterns with a good selection of cradle patterns.
  • All plans are written by a professional woodworker.
  • Instructions are complete and tell you what tools you will need, which type of wood is recommended, what finishers and adhesives to use, and anything else important that you need to know.
  • Downloadable format so you get instant access and can print the plans out right from your computer.
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced plans for all skill levels.

So before you begin building that new baby cradle, remember that this is one of the most important projects you will ever do and the safety of the baby will be your main focus. Woodworking 4 Home has a great selection of cradle patterns drafted by a professional craftsman and you will be assured that your finished project is 110% safe. I’ve been using them for a long time now and I couldn’t be happier.

Click Here to Visit Woodworking 4 Home

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